Campus Walk at 507 South Fess Ave - 2 Bedroom2 / 1 Listing Apartment for Rent In Blommington, IN | ListingID 14982
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2 / 1 Listing

2 bdrm / 1 bath

Campus Walk

507 South Fess Ave
Blommington, IN 47401

2 bed/1 bath apt between 2nd and Atwater, on Fess. Part ofCampuswalk Apts.


Total $940 a month=$470/person--includes all utilitiesexcept electric!


Lease for Aug 2012-Aug 2013


I have accidentally signed a lease for the upcoming schoolyear (Fall 2012/Spring 2013).  

If interested, I will be transferring the lease over to you, as if you were just leasing the apartment through Campus Walk.


Contact Derek if interested or any questions.

 (312) 513-1950


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