4706 House at 4706 17th Ave NE - 5 Bedroom Sublease In Seattle, WA | ListingID 72684
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5 Bedroom Sublease

5 (out of 12) bdrm / 3 bath

4706 House

4706 17th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Available 9/27/2017 - 6/11/2018.
Can be male or female.
All existing tenants are male.
Social off-campus housing for University of Washington students! Come join our community of laid-back and friendly scholars! If you want housing that's affordable, conveniently located, and active in the community, this is the house for you! Benefits include: - Affordable rent $2,000/quarter - Plenty of study space - On-property parking - Optional professional meal plan - Just one block from campus - Optional Social Events (hiking, poker nights, movies, etc) - 31 person capacity - Compensation for any cancellation fees We are located at 4706 17th Ave NE, and pride ourselves as welcoming, studious, and fun-loving individuals. We are seeking fellow students that wish to spend their school year in a more social environment than most on-campus housing typically provides. Please sign up if you're at all interested to receive a house tour and more! Applicants will typically receive a response within one week.

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