Regency Apartments at 306 E. Melrose Ave. Bloomington, IN - 1 Bedroom Sublease In Bloomington, IN | ListingID 72682
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1 Bedroom Sublease

1 (out of 4) bdrm / 4 bath

Regency Apartments

306 E. Melrose Ave. Bloomington, IN
Bloomington, IN 47401
Available 8/26/2017 - 7/10/2018.
Can be male or female.
All existing tenants are female.

I'm subletting a bedroom (with a private bathroom) in a townhouse. The apartment complex is Regency Apartments on South Walnut, and you would be living with three other females who attend IU (another female roommate is preferred). The townhouse has free parking and visitor parking available, and is only a fifteen minute commute by bus to the south end of IU campus (the Bloomington Transit 7 bus stops right in front of the apartment complex and stops at multiple points on 3rd St.). You would also be in close proximity to Bryan park and both Krogers on Walnut St. The rent is only $390 per person each month, plus additional utilities (electric, water, and wifi) that are split evenly between all roommates. The bedroom is more than enough space for one person, and the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all already fully furnished. I've also attached an image of the room, and it is the middle right bedroom in the image. If you have any other questions or serious interest please feel free to text me!


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