Wyndham Townhomes at 3431 Wyndham Way - 3 Bedroom Apartment for Rent In West Lafayette, IN | ListingID 5859
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3 Bedroom

3 bdrm / 4 bath

Wyndham Townhomes

3431 Wyndham Way
West Lafayette, IN 47906
$855 (rented)
Come on in to large living spaces, convenience, and quality! These 3 bedroom townhomes are just down the road from shopping, restaurants, and just a short bus ride or drive from Purdue University. They feature a patio area just off the dining room, as well as a balcony and bathroom for every bedroom, and not to mention all the provided amenities!

Wyndham Townhomes is for those who, after a long day at class or at the office, want to come back to a place that feels like home. These 2 story Townhouse apartments are incredibly spacious, featuring a 2 car garage, a bathroom for every bedroom, and all of the modern amenities. Call Granite TODAY! 765.269.7283
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