Scholar's Quad Collegiate Apartments at 2716 E. 10th St. - 1 BedroomSQ 1 BR 2nd Level Apartment for Rent In Bloomington, IN | ListingID 20779
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SQ 1 BR 2nd Level

1 bdrm / 1 bath

Scholar's Quad Collegiate Apartments

2716 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47408
The 2  level (of 3) one bedroom at Scholar's Quad is a great option if you're tired of dorm life or want a nice place of your own (w/o roommates!). At Scholar's Quad, you're just minutes from the B-School & main library. You get your own washer/dryer, private bath & full kitchen. The apartments were built for the modern college student - not too big or too small. 

Scholar's Quad creates the college feel with its enclosed quad design centered on a common green. The community is comprised of new 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in a collegiate setting. They are located on 10th Street, near the 45/46 bypass. Scholar's Quad is within walking distance to the east side of campus but is also on the BT #6 bus route and IU campus C bus route. Scholar's Quad has a beautiful public veranda and a community room with wireless internet and cable TV perfect for group meetings. Scholar's Quad truly enhances the college experience and is the perfect place to make new friends and lasting memories. Call us at 812-323-7359 or visit us online at
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